Pakistan Bars Banks from Crypto and ICO Trading

Pakistan’s central bank issued a statement financial businesses in the nation from working together with cryptocurrency companies, getting the most recent establishment of its type to bar the action.

“. . Further, both banks/DFIs/Microfinance Banks and PSOs/PSPs won’t ease their customers/account holders to innovate VCs/ICO Tokens. Any trade in this respect will immediately be reported to Financial Tracking Unit (FMU) as a questionable transaction.”

The central bank didn’t respond to a request for comment. However, as of press time, the statement is currently having an influence on the neighborhood cryptocurrency scene.

Urdubit, a cryptocurrency market that initially introduced in 2014 with the objective of building a base of support from the area, stated in the aftermath of the announcement it’s going to shut down. Urdubit was the very first bitcoin foreign exchange platform to open its doors from the nation.

The decision was declared through Facebook, together with the startup advocating its clients to “please draw your funds whenever possible.”

Urdubit’s Facebook article included a link to correspondence by the bank, which such as the warning about trades being labeled as questionable.

“Banks and Governments Will struggle Bitcoin because investment Bitcoin signifies a bank run onto the central bank,” he explained, going on to include:

“We’re working hard to reunite all PKR to our clients before our lender shutdown our balances.”


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