JCPenney credit card login

The JCPenney Credit Card is a credit card issued from the J. C. Penney Business.

JC. Penney Company Inc. is a US-based retail chain that has a presence in all the 50 states in the USA and combined has over 800 store locations. Apart from the United States, JCPenney stores may also be found in Puerto Rico as well.

If you are interested to know in detail regarding the JCPenney Credit Card, such as JCPenney Credit Card login, JCPenney Credit Card Rewards, JCPenney Credit Card Benefits, and How to Apply for JCPenney Credit Card, then now we are here using a comprehensive article featuring information on all you need to know about the JCPenney credit card.

What is JCPenney Credit Card? 

The JCPenney credit card Login , also called JCP card, is a credit card issued by the JCPenney retail series. The JCP card will allow you to make purchases and pay using the JCPenney credit card and then pay the JCP card bill at the end of the month, and thus saving you from worrying about how to maintain your daily expenses.

The JCP card details can be accessed online inside the JCPenney credit card website by performing the JCPenney credit card login. By completing the JCPenney credit card login, you’ll be able to view your account balance, account statement, and refund your bills too.

Where Would I Use My JCPenney Credit Card?

Where can I use my own JCP card is one of the most frequently asked questions regarding the JCPenney credit card.

Essentially speaking, the JCP card is issued for clients to spend in JCPenney stores and related brands. However, if your JCPenney credit card has a”Visa” or”Mastercard” logo printed on it, then it means your credit card may be used exactly like a normal credit card.

For additional information about where all you are able to utilize your JCP card, then we recommend you to contact the JCPenney credit card customer service.

Below are the benefits and rewards JCPenney credit card owners get more than customers at JCPenney retail shops and associated brands.

  • Special Financing on qualifying purchases done for major items such as furniture, appliances, fine jewelry, mattresses, etc..
  • JCPenney credit card benefits for making payments using the JCP card. 2x reward points on regular purchases and one point on each dollar spent (for qualifying purchases only).
  • Over 100 savings day each year with exclusive benefits and savings for JCPenney credit card holders.
  • Particular gifts on your birthday.

How to Apply for JCPenney Credit Card?

If you’re thinking about getting yourself a JCPenney credit cardthen you want to first apply for JCPenney credit card. Below we have compiled the list of steps you want to follow in order to apply for JCPenney credit card online.


  • Once the page loads, input your personal information that’s asked for on the page and click on the”Continue” button at the end of the form.
  • Pick the options that you want to connect with your JCPenney credit card and click “Continue”.
  • Eventually, review your JCPenney credit card application form and apply for your credit card.


As soon as you apply for JCPenney credit card, JCPenney credit card representatives will contact you to supply further details on the delivery of your JCPenney credit card.

As we mentioned earlier, the JCPenney credit card login is just one of the key highlights of this JCPenney credit card. Doing the JCPenney credit card login allows you to see all your account and balance related details.

If you presently have a JCPenney credit card, then below is how you can perform the JCPenney credit card login to get your JCPenney credit card details online.

  1. Click here and open up the official JCPenney credit card login page on your web browser.
  2. If you want your existing browser to remember your JCPenney credit card online account user ID so that you can easily login into your JCPenney credit card account in the long run, tick the”Remember User ID” box.
  3. Finally, click on the”Secure Login” button.

And that is it. In case you’ve entered the correct user ID and password associated with your JCPenney credit card online account, your JCPenney credit card login effort should be effective and you need to be able to access your accounts and balance information with no hassles.

How To Purchase JCPenney Credit Card Bill Online?

In order to cover JCPenney credit card bill online, you first will need to perform the JCPenney credit card login by following the steps above.

After successfully completing the JCPenney credit card login, then select the choice that says”Pay Your Bill Online” in the navigation bar on top. Enter the payment information and process the payment.

For any questions or clarifications concerning the JCPenney credit card, the best method is to contact the JCPenney credit card customer service staff.

It is also possible to contact the JCPenney credit card customer service team to understand details on the JCP charge card services that are available for you.

In order to reach the JCPenney credit card customer service group, you’ve got into the dial 1.800.542.0800

Final Words

The JCPenney credit card is just one of the fantastic ways for regular JCPenney store shoppers to save some cash on their routine shopping and to get exclusive discounts and perks.The JCPenney credit card login allows users to easily access their JCPenney credit card accounts online to check about outstanding balances and cover JCPenney credit card bills too.

In case you have some particular questions about the JCPenney credit card that were not answered in the aforementioned article, feel free to join with us and we’ll surely aid you. Alternatively, you can also contact the JCPenney credit card customer service by following the manual composed above for skilled assistance.

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